NFL Projections Part 1: AFC East

Calling this division, especially the top, is something that a lot of people would consider pretty easy to do. However, there is a lot more to consider here than most people realize. We know Tom Brady’s back, but just how healthy is that knee, and how about this sore shoulder? And how’s his timing with his receivers? What does the addition of TO mean in Buffalo? And how will Marshawn Lynch’s suspension affect them? How will Mark Sanchez do as a rookie in New York, and what about their first year coach as well. And finally, does Miami really have the personnel to do it again?

Here’s the breakdown of what to expect.

1. New England 13-3; Yes Brady’s back, yes he’s healthy, and yes, his timing is fine. BUT, that defense isn’t quite as good as it used to be and this division is much better. Expect the Patriots to have a much harder time running over opponents than they did in that incredible 2007 campaign but to still be the cream of the crop out east.
2. Miami 9-7; Obviously this team over-performed last year, the introduction of the Wildcat and some great play by under-rated veterans made them a big time surprise. With Parcells in his second year managing personnel and with a now second year coach the dolphins will have a much greater hold on the system in place and should remain a play-off bubble team.
3. New York Jets 8-8; Sanchez might be good in the future, but for now he is what he is. An inexperienced rookie. Remember, Sanchez only has one season under his belt at the collegiate level and once lost a quarterback competition to John David Booty. I’ll give that a second to sink in shall I?
4. Buffalo Bills 7-9; Dear Buffalo; T.O.? Are you kidding me? I know Edwards hasn’t really shown a lot, but the guy is young and very intelligent. If nothing else he’s a game manager that you can build around.  Expect TO to draw a lot of double teams, leaving Lee Evans to shine on the other side. I expect problems with this to develop by the time Lynch gets back for week 5.


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