The weekend at large.

The weekend on a whole was a good one, I think.  I worked both days, but not for long shifts and so was able to survive.  Today, of course, my girlfriend is joining me at the prime age of 21 years.  So we went out last night, a bunch of us, to see Comedy Sportz.  If you’ve never been to a show, it’s a real good time and I highly recommend attending!  They have places all across the country, and a nifty website as well.  It is an improv stand-up routine, in which the comedians are split into teams and face off in competitions to see which team is funnier.  They have ‘games’ such as were on the show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ and earn points that in this case do matter.  The games mostly depend on audience suggested themes and the whole show is fairly interactive.

Otherwise, the big attention grabber was of course the Divisional Playoffs for the NFL.  This weekend promised a good slate of games which, unfortunately, failed to deliver on their potential with exception to a single game.

To start with we had the Cards-Saints match-up which just sounded like a high-scoring, all-offense shutout.  Well it was high-scoring, but only the Saints were racking it up, leaving the Cards in their dust.

Indy and Baltimore sounded like a good game, especially after the nailbitter the two teams played the first time around.  This time Indy thoroughly dominated the Ravens, and coasted into the Conference Championship.

The Viqueens and Cowpies seemed like it would be a good game going in, but Romo showed his true play-off colors and the ‘boys o-line melted down as the ageless(witless?) wonder and the Purple people eater defense took the day.

The only game that DID live up to its hype was Jets-Chargers.  The Jets, fresh off their twice-straight dismantling of Cincinatti managed to come back and shock the heavily favored Chargers in San Diego.  I have to admit, I called that this could happen yesterday, but I’m as surprised as anyone that it actually did.  The Chargers certainly seemed like a team destined to play in the Super Bowl, but alas, Chargers fans have got another coach that can’t get it done in the playoffs!  And all that trouble with releasing the great Marty Schottenheimer for this?!

On another football-related, albeit much sadder, note.  I’d like to send out my wishes to the family and friends of Gaines Adams.  Adams, a former first round pick by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers and more recently traded to the Chicago Bears passed away this morning at the age of 26.  A shame to see a guy with such a bright future leave the world so soon…




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I enjoy writing, reading, cheering on the Cubs and Bears, and playing soccer and football. I am an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and enjoy video games.
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