Not Just Words That I’m Saying

I hate how I can be as honest as I’ve ever been with someone, and have every word I say taken at less than face value.  The problem isn’t that I’m perceived as dishonest, but instead that we live in a society in which verbal abuse is more common that anyone cares to admit.  I cannot begin to imagine how many of my friends suffer living under the same roof as parents that yell and don’t appreciate a thing they do.  Now you might be saying, that’s their parents, parents are supposed to yell and such.  No, not like this they aren’t.

When I hear stories about someone that lives on a farm taking a fifteen minute break to get some water and sit down for a moment because all their chores are done and their mother, who has done nothing all day but sit around, starts telling them they’re lazy and a worthless piece of shit for taking that break.  I’m sorry, but that’s inappropriate to say to anyone, much less your own child.

It seems to me that everyone could do with taking a bit more time to think before speaking.  Take a moment to think about what someone truly does before you tell them off.  Because I for one am tired of living in a world where beautiful, kind and wonderful people have so little self-confidence that they can’t even believe a simple compliment, and can’t let you buy them dinner because they have had the if-you’re-not-self-dependent-you’re-worthless ideal so ingrained in them that to let you buy just makes them feel worse.

So please, everyone reading this.  Take a moment in your days tomorrow, the day after, everyday if you can; and just tell someone they’re beautiful, tell them they make your world a better place, tell them you love their jokes, or how you really appreciate when they do (thankless task) for you at work/home.  Don’t let our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends fall down the road I see so often.  I can’t do this all alone.




About Andrew

I enjoy writing, reading, cheering on the Cubs and Bears, and playing soccer and football. I am an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and enjoy video games.
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1 Response to Not Just Words That I’m Saying

  1. Loxchan says:

    Words of wisdom, dude. This one, at least, shall heed them.

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