Legends told of a place of great power, where the fist of the earth gods rose into the air of the sky gods.  They told that a man who stood atop the fist would be healed of all his worldly ailments, both physical and spiritual.  So it was that when all hope of recovery was lost, Kyle ‘Running Deer’ Samsson found himself at the bottom of a steep path in the Arizona rocks.

The shamans said night was the most powerful time, so at sunset he began, walking up the beaten trail and wondering what would await him at the top.  It was a two hour hike his grandfather had told him and every step a burden, but the spirits of air and earth would help him if he knew the way.  Kyle knew them like old friends and before long a wolf walked at his side as a hawk flew ahead to show him the way, granting him peace in the knowledge that he was safe as he climbed.  At the top, as he crossed a small rise and stopped on the peak of the Gods fist, he raised his hands to the heavens and humbled himself before the Gods that he might find peace.  The wolf and hawk, his companions, came to his side and offered their prayers as well that the elder gods might better hear.

In the morning, when his family came to find him there was only his clothing at the top of the fist, next to the prints of a large buck and wolf.  Far in the east the call of the hawk sounded, and a western wind blew across the sands, Kyle had found his peace.



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