Blogging 101.

It would be a wonderful day for me to see this on my college course list to be sure.  It would seem that I either lack the dedication to blog, or simply lead a boring and meaningless existence with absolutely nothing interesting or worthwhile to share with others.  My suspicion of course is that it is the second.

After all, how can I write a blog update without some sort of idea on which to base it?  A topic on which to expand and build?  The answer, of course, is that I cannot.  It simply is not in me.

However, I shall not give in!  From here on, rather than simply posting here when I felt I had something to say, which has failed me so many times, I shall set myself a goal!  Every Sunday I will post a new blog post.  This will give me an entire week to think up a topic, research it if necessary, and write out my views and observations.  It will also allow me to, hopefully, manage to continue writing this blog for an extended period.

I am of course giving myself a short week this week.  See you all Sunday.




About Andrew

I enjoy writing, reading, cheering on the Cubs and Bears, and playing soccer and football. I am an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and enjoy video games.
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