The Superbowl

I’m immensely disappointed by the sorry excuse for ref’ing put on this evening.  This is the second superbowl win for the Steelers under such circumstances and I feel terrible for everyone in the Cardinals organization.  The ridiculous roughing the passer on Dansby, the penalty on Wilson for running into the holder, the blatant hold on the long pass to Holmes that set up Pittsburgh’s final TD.  And the final blow, calling that play a fumble?!

As I watched the replay of Kurt Warner’s hand, still holding the ball albeit barely, moving forward I sighed in relief.  Surely the booth would challenge, the call overturned, the penalty would move the Cardinals 15 yards forward, time for Warned to toss one up to Fitzgerald in the endzone.  A pass I had no doubt Fitzgerald would catch.  But no, I would be denied as the replay booth decides that they are allowed to play the part of the head referee and call it themselves!  In that situation you simple MUST call the challenge.  Any coach would have.  Don’t give me any crap about time-outs.  In a game-changing situation such as that it HAS to be reviewed, to not review that play was a direct insult to everyone on the Cardinals team that worked so hard to get where they were.

I am not a professional, I do not know every nuance of the NFL rules.  But as the three people watching along with me all yelled at once in agreement with me and as the others in my house yelled as well, I felt that I was validated, that I had judged correctly.

I’m not saying that Pittsburgh doesn’t deserve it, they played a good game, but the way they won it would make me embarassed if I were a part of their organization.  In football you take what you can get, and unfortunately for the Cardinals.  They weren’t given any chances…


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