I will slowly but surely add links to the sidebar as I find them.  For now, I’ve added two links that go to the blog’s of other writers who I respect and think you should take a gander at.  As I know them, Fifthwind and Mornara. As you will one day know them, Ken and Jaym.

Appendage: Have lately added two more links to a couple of fun games.  See the right sidebar for the links.  Trukz and Nasrac.


About Andrew

I enjoy writing, reading, cheering on the Cubs and Bears, and playing soccer and football. I am an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and enjoy video games.
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2 Responses to Links

  1. Ken Kiser says:

    You’ve just been added to my links list.

    But remember… it’s the writing that’s important.

    Not the blogging.

    Good to see some commitment. GO get ’em!!

    • Andrew says:

      Yessir! I figure by so publicly declaring myself, I can shame myself into writing when I’m trying to avoid it. 😉

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